Concerning Naughty ‘Leaked’ Sonic 4 Footage….

Wooooo…hey Sonic 4 ain’t looking half bad… 🙂

I’m sure most are aware now of the development of Sonic 4, it’s certainly an exciting prospect and by the looks of the latest ‘leaked’ video it’s staying very close to the original style of Sonic’s classic Mega Drive outings. Let’s just hope it ‘feels’ the same. From the looks of this video though, it looks like Sonic may control slightly differently here, which may be no bad thing as it’s now been announced that the game’s being developed by ‘Dimps’, who were responsible for the Sonic Advance and Rush games. With Dimps at the helm, I have a good feeling about this one…roll on summer!

Sonic 4: Episode 1 will be available for download on Xbox 360 Arcade, Playstation Network, Wiiware and iPhone formats this Summer.


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