Nice Fret! Sorry it’s called Fret Nice isn’t it…

Now this looks like it could be great fun!

Fret Nice is a 2D platform game in which you control your character with…a guitar! Not a real guitar of course but one of them plastic video game like guitars you use with these Guitar Hero and Rock band games I’ve heard about…

I’ll pass you over to a Gamespot article which describes some more of the game’s features and how it plays-

How does it work, exactly? It starts out simply enough. You hit the green fret to move left, you hit the yellow fret to move right, and you tilt the guitar to jump. Those three inputs form the core of your movement. Easy, right? Attacking enemies gets a bit more complicated. The rotund bad guys coming after you–think of them as goombahs covered in fur–all have a random number of facial features. One might have a single eye, another might have three eyes with a mouth, and so on. Your job is to leap into the air and zap the enemies by playing the number of notes that match the number of facial features. So, for example, jumping into the air and playing a single blue note will kill that one-eyed enemy, while playing three blue notes and an orange note will kill the three-eyed, one-mouthed beast. You can improvise whatever color notes you play; all that matters is matching up the numbers.

Sounds like a great concept and I’m loving game’s visual style, just have to see how it plays. There’s a demo available for download now and you can check out the full game when it arrives on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this month apparently, at least that’s what I hear from my sources, although Microsoft are saying a date is TBA…typical…

…in the mean time, if 2D platformers are your thing, the Wiiware tile, Max’s Magic Marker is well worth checking out, it’s available for download for 1000 Nintendo points. Just playing through it myself, full review coming soon…

Thanks to for the preview and for the trailer.


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