Night Trap and The Controversy

The year was 1992, developer Digital Pictures released Night Trap, an FMV (Full Motion Video) game on the SEGA CD console and later released on the Sega 32x, 3DO and PC.

I first remember playing Night Trap at a friend’s house late one night when I was young and it scared me as much as the likes of the the boogie man or Freddy Kruger ever had done before. The game its self was nothing like anything I’d ever seen before and my friend and I were hooked, trying to capture all the Augers (the bad guys) and save a household of girls from the evil kidnappers.

In Night Trap, you assigned a role as protector by the ‘Sega Control Attack Team’ that have access to the Martin family’s security system, where you can control each of the cameras in order to watch the on-goings in the house hold and effectively save the girls that are staying over for a slumber party.

With it being a interactive movie you can change to different camera angles in and around the house but you need to keep an eye on where the people are (think big brother) and listen to what’s going on, as you’ll hear important information that will help to complete the game. While switching between the rooms to see where the individuals go off to, you may come across the Augers who are out to capture the girls.

When seeing the Augers you can capture them by setting off pre-bulit traps that are laid around the house and trust me, there are a lot of these guys that appear, so you don’t want them to over run the place!

The game raised a lot of controversy upon it’s release and was deemed as “shameful”, “ultra-violent”, “sick”, and “disgusting”, encouraging an “effort to trap and kill women”. This is of course, far from the truth, as you, as the player, take the role of protecting the female characters from the virtual kidnappers.

Here’s a documentary video showing the controversy and an inside look at the game, Night Trap.

You can view Daves video review here.


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