New Feature! Gaming Q&A

This post marks another new feature set to appear here on, Gaming Q&A! Every month we’ll be chatting to a member of the gaming world about current gaming trends and retro goodness.Kicking off this new feature, I spoke to Mark Boss (that’s the guy on the left side of the picture, not erm, Princess Peach), a keen gamer who also does freelance video work within the gaming industry.

Q: To kick-start this interview, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

A: Well what I have under the ‘info’ on Twitter and Facebook, is that I make videos on video games. And that pretty much sums it up, lol. BUT to go into more detail, I’ve loved video games since the Original Game Boy was released and have since then maintained a really strong obsession with it. Through my primary, secondary, sixth form and Uni years, I almost always went home to video games. And also quite often bunked lesson. Might have pulled some sickies too.
It’s only over the past couple of years that I’ve played around the idea of getting a job that involves video games. I started off like many with a little gaming blog.
Eventually I thought, hey why don’t I just be like Rich Gallop, because he’s got a degree in video production and so do I. Plus he’s awesome.
Rich used his interest in video production and hosting alongside his obsession with video games to make and host videos on Gamespot.
And thus I have covered video game launches, expos and events building up a show reel and contacts, which has recently lead to me hosting a video cast project for Tecmo Koei. W00t!
Q: Your currently an upcoming gaming journalist. Is this something you’ve always been interested in?
A: As written above, nope. I’ve been interested in completely different areas of work such as a nursery school teacher. True Story. I also don’t think of myself really as games journalist more so a dude that plays games and makes videos. Or a video games detective…

Q: What’s your earliest gaming memory? We’re you into classic videogame consoles, or is it only recently you’ve found yourself more into gaming?

A: Easily, it’s my introduction to gaming, which was way back when my brother got his Game Boy back in 1990 I believe… and I pretty much hogged it at the amazement of being able to control what’s on the screen and ran the batteries dry that very same day. My poor but very awesome bro had to wait the following week for new batteries.

Q: If you had to pick one retro game to be declared as your favourite, which would it be?

A: Ermmmm this is a tricky one, as my favourite game of all time could be considered ‘retro’ (Final Fantasy 7) but I don’t really think of it in that typical retro pixal way. So maybe Pac-Man?

Q: A great number of old classic retro titles have been re-released in some shape or form on the current generation consoles/PC. Any particular titles you’d love to play again on the PS3/Xbox 360?

A: Well if Dreamcast games are considered retro, then I’d like to see more of those and am pretty damn happy to hear that there will be some coming along in the near future. SHENMUE AND JET SET RADIO PLEASE! Oh wait and Sega Mega CD games, because I am a secret fan of 90’s FMV games.

Q: Gaming has evolved alot over the past few years. Innovations such as High Definition/3D T.Vs and state of the art consoles are providing us with life-like visuals, stunning sound, hours of dialogue and countless online content. Do you feel with the amount of pressure on gaming studios to create games that look real and revolve around complex story lines, that gaming may have become slightly too complex compared to the days of Pac-Man/Pong?

A: I like to think that the evolution of gaming technologies has allowed for better game play, and am actually someone that revels in narrative driven games. But I do get what you mean, and can see how many studios may be pressured to make the move to motion control for instance as have done so recently. Which in turn could lead to A LOT of re hashes and unoriginality, but this seems to be a trait that has cursed many entertainment mediums. The curse of doing what the other guy did, because he made a lot of money.

Q: Digitally downloading full games are being tipped to be the main stream way of accessing titles in the coming few years.
Does this personally mean any difference to you? Would you be all for downloading new releases, or do you prefer ‘boxed’ products and see boxed products being around for sometime to come?

A: I like to hold a game in my hands, I like the smell of fresh manual. I like to go to my local Gamestation and guard the game closely to myself as I walk through the dangerous streets of East London. BUT it is very convenient when you can just pick a game to run from your hard drive rather then have to walk over to your games box/draw. So I’m kinda ‘meh’ on this point.
Q: Nintendo’s Wii console has made a big impact on gaming. With the release of the Playstation Move in September, followed by Kinect before the end of the year, do you feel motion-controlled gaming is the right way forward? Do you prefer motion controlled gaming over the traditional controller?
A: Well, I thought there was a lot of potential with the Wii when it came out and I still think there is with motion control in general. Whether it’s the way forward however… I think that’s any ones guess, it really could go either way. The gaming internet right now seems to think of it as a fad, but I’m not so sure, I remember there being some negativity around the Wii and its motion control and that went on to rock the casual market. So I’d rather hear what they have to say first.
Ideally what I want though is a Star Trek holodeck. With a Jaffa Cake dispenser.

Q: One final question… Before the days of Xbox 360 Vs PS3…it was all about 2 consoles. The Megadrive, and the Super Nintendo. Which gets your vote?

Quite a few of my mates are not aware of the fact that I was a huge Sega fan boy up until the N64/Playstation era, and even until this day I have a huge soft spot for them and the spikey blue guy.

Many thanks to Mark for being the first person to be quizzed by us! You can follow Mark on twitter ( and you can also check out his video work via his YouTube page ( I met Mark at the Final Fantasy XIII launch event in London, for a direct link to the video he made during that launch, click here! (I appear towards the end of the video dressed like Vincent Valentine).

Be on the look out for next months Gaming Q&A in September!


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