On Tour: Trafford Centre Round-Up

As you all may have seen while browsing previous articles, we’ve been fairly busy of late.

In celebration of our very own Mike Davies birthday, the team set out for Manchester’s Trafford Centre. In this post I’m going to round up all the videos we have posted from the day out. You’ll be able to find a link to this blog post from the new On Tour image link down the right hand side of your screens.

The main reason we went to the Trafford Centre was to play in the centres arcade, Namco Station (which is owned and operated by Namco).

We also found ourselves taking a trip into the cinema to see a suitably geeky film to round the day off, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World!

So what did we get up too? Lets kick start with the teaser trailer, which covers our journey to the trafford centre:

Upon arrival at our destination, Mike and Tom felt that the entrance needed its own introduction, and we all felt the main music from Jurassic Park more than fitted the bill:

And so…into Namco Station we went! Its a real shame there aren’t more arcades like this around anymore. It’s always good to see a well kept arcade with a very good selection of arcade machines! Although we were slightly disappointed with how few fighting games there were, they did have Tekken 6. Tom managed to beat both myself and Mike. I somewhat think I need to practice a little more…:

Moving on from Tekken we found a very interesting looking title called Hopping Road. It wasn’t your usual arcade machine. It had a platform for each player that you needed to stand on, and then proceed to bounce and tilt the platform to control the on-screen avatars. How well did it play? Well…

Sadly, it was inevitable with the amount of machines available that we would come across one that wasn’t working, its a massive shame it was such an unusual one that was faulty!

Nevermind though! We had much more to play! Next up, myself and Mike tackled Terminator Salvation:

I really enjoyed Terminator. It had one of the best light guns I’ve used, as well as one of the best reload functions.

And on to my favourite pick of the arcade (even though I didn’t play it), Dead Storm Pirates! It’s cheesy dialect, awesome sounding effects and over the top action made this arcade game well worth the £2 each to play. I believe Dead Storm Pirates will be packaged with the upcoming Playstation Move compatible Time Crisis game. Check this one out!

Our Mike is a bit of a whizz when it comes to dance mat games, so before we headed for lunch he couldn’t resist taking on Dance Dance Revolution X:

After a trip around some of the shops in the centre, food quickly followed, which by the way…was an awesome burger. Tom went that extra stage further, ordering a very creamy milkshake to accompany his food. Was it worth the cost?

That’s a resounding yes, me thinks.

While sitting in the back of the restaurant, I decided to unbox something I purchased from HMV for £15, Warhammer Online! Although I only played it briefly when it came out, the special edition’s contents made it more than worth the money I paid for it. Mike felt this moment needed recording, marking Blast Process’s first unboxing video with me at the helm! Don’t worry…Mike will be taking back control of his unboxing corner very soon!:

We had some time to kill after eating to have another walk around the centre, this time wandering towards the Lego Discovery Centre (and no, sadly we didn’t go in). On our way however, we noticed these chaps:

And so, ending the day with Scott Pilgrim (which I chatted about in this post) marked an awesome ending to a rather geeky day out. One of which we all really enjoyed.

We’ll be on the road again very soon. In fact, I’ll leave you with a little hint…

For the Emperor!!

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