Tom’s Tokyo Game Show Pick

Yo yo! Ok Tokyo Gameshow, what ya got? Hopefully something extreme…like Takeshi’s Castle…

Fellow Blast Processor Dave, master of Q & A here on the site has asked myself and Mike for our own personal top picks of the recent Tokyo Game Show, here’s what tickled my fancy…it’s called Never Dead.

Designed by Shinta Nojiri of Metal Gear Acid fame and developed by Rebellion, who have most recently bought us the Alien Vs. Predator game, Neverdead seems very promising.

It looks like Devil May Cry, with it’s two gun demon shooting action but has a unique feature where you can get your head blown off (as well as other limbs) and keep shooting…this was enough to sell me the game. Sadly though, I’d have to buy either an Xbox 360 or PS3 to play it…pants.

Game play mechanics include the ability to dismember yourself. For example, your character can take an arm off while still holding a weapon and chuck it over a wall and subsequently this allows your arm to do the shooting while you sit safely on the other side till the enemies are dispensed. Sounds inspired, also there should be a lot of room for humour, which I feel a lot of games sorely lack these days. On the downside it does look very brown…

Here’s a trailer…

Never Dead’s release date is TBA, giving me time to get a Xbox 360 or PS3 to play it on…


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