Dave’s Gaming Q & A- Philip Wride

It’s FIFA time again with the latest installment of the franchise having been released last friday (1st October). You may remember that Dave and Mike got some hands on time with the game before release and we’re quite impressed. Through this preview event they managed to get some time for a Q&A with Philip Wride (pictured below), UK Community Manager at EA for the FIFA titles who is a keen gamer that has previous experience playing games competitively in the pro-gaming field.

Q: Before we kick start this Q&A, could you tell our readers a little about yourself?

A: Hi, my name is Philip Wride and I’m the UK Community Manager at EA for the FIFA titles. Before that I was heavily involved with eSports and Professional Gaming

Q: After sitting down and playing the latest Fifa, which of its new additions impressed you the most?

A: It’s hard to say which bit I find the most noticeable, there are so many changes across the board that combine to move the series forward. As example, Personality + and Pro-Passing are a great addition as you can real feel who you are controlling, their skills and what you can / can’t do with the ball. From a defensive point of view, 360 fight-for-possession is great as it means you now have improved jostling animations, highly rated defenders can pull of some fantastic last ditch tackles and overall all it feels a lot smoother.

Q: Fifa ’10 did sell incredibly well last year. Do you feel Fifa ’11 will produce a similar result?

A: I think FIFA 11 certainly has the potential to do well at retail. The main difference this year though is that the competition has taken a step up and also launches in the same window as us (they launch on the 8th) so it will be a tough challenge for the first few weeks. Hopefully all the reviews are positive and people will use those as a basis to decide which game to buy and from that FIFA will come out on top.

Q: Motion controlled gaming is a hot topic at the moment. Could you see Fifa one day utilizing the Playstation Move or Microsoft’s Kinect?

A: FIFA utilising Move or Kinect has been discussed and I’m sure has been commented on by both David Rutter and Peter Moore. At the moment I don’t think there are any plans in the same way I don’t think there are any plans for FIFA in 3D either.

Q: Do you personally enjoy playing motion controlled games? Or do you prefer your more standard controller?

A: Personally I’m a gamer that prefers the standard controllers, having been involved in pro-gaming in the past which is largely based on reactions throwing motion controls into the mix I think detracts from that and means things aren’t as precise.

Q: What is your favourite game of all time?

A: Favourite game of all time is a tough one as there have been so many good ones over the years. I think I’ll sit on the fence otherwise I’ll be here all day listing them for you.

Q: Another hot topic in the world of gaming is the future of ‘boxed’ products. More and more publishers are looking at Digital Distribution. Are you a fan of downloading titles, or do you prefer to own a boxed copy?

A: For me digital download and boxed product are two halves of the same thing; a way to obtain and consume entertainment products. Whilst digital download is definitely a growing area I think it will be a number of years before boxed products start to shrink considerably. There are so many other factors involved for the digital download side and part of that involves the ISPs.

Q: To end this interview, I present to you the ultimate question. We like our retro games on BlastProcess.com, but which did you prefer…Megadrive…or SNES?

A: To be honest I never had either but was fortunate to have some friends that did. I enjoyed playing on the Megadrive (Alex Kidd for example) and certainly have memories of that. It’s only recently I’ve become a heavy console user, before that it was all about the PC and its predecessors (Atari ST all the way).


Many thanks to Phil for taking the time to be quizzed by us! You can also check out (http://www.easportsfootball.co.uk) for more information on FIFA 11.

Be on the look out for next months Gaming Q&A in November.


4 responses to “Dave’s Gaming Q & A- Philip Wride

  1. A good solid interview with all angles approached, this kind of article is great to see – even if i dont like football in any way! 😀

  2. I agree with the previous poster. This was an interesting interview. It was interesting to read his concerns about the accuracy of the new motion controllers. I'm not sure they will ever replace controllers entirely, it will be very cool to control the media functions on the xbox with the connect but I can't imagine playing halo like that just yet. It makes you wonder whether we will ever truly replace such devices? They have been around for a long time now (along with the mouse and keyboard) and although there have been several innovations (analog control, rumble, triggers) they have pretty much remained the same….like a shark lolPersonally I think they will eventually be replaced with mind control. You can't get much faster than reflex eh?it was also interesting to hear his views on 3D. I would have FIFA would be a good candidate for 3D games?

  3. Indeed Jason, with all the latest football matches being aired in 3D i would have posited that FIFA would be the next step and encourage many to start buying the 3D hardware required (TV, Glasses etc). FIFA i would have thought would be the first to cash in on extra moulin-rouge i.e. money to spend on more overpriced players who fall at every hurdle. Ahem, anyways – controllers for the win!!

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