Gaming while on Holiday

I’ve just come back from Turkey on holiday and I ran into some gaming related things while I was away.

I received a letter from Thomas Cook detailing that there would be no in-flight entertainment on our airplane. It wasn’t that I was expecting any, as everyone needs to cut costs these days and I had my DS anyway, what I didn’t know was that they were now offering a rental service for Sony’s PSP. £7.50 would get you a PSP with headphones, 4 games and 7 films/TV shows to use while on board.

Thomas Cook have said that they cancelled the service due to “lack of demand after a survey was completed and as the majority of passengers are taking on board portable and electronic games consoles.”

A couple of days went by and I was getting to know the ins and outs of the hotel we were staying in. I noticed they had a Nintendo Wii setup on a huge flat screen TV for everyone to play, the game being played was Wii Sports, another thing I wasn’t expecting, but it kept people’s kids active and busy.

While out shopping I didn’t see anything gaming related apart from the odd Internet cafe with 10 year old kids playing Counter-Strike… those were the days, and some funny signs for the cafes sporting ICQ logos on them, is that program still around?

Copies of films were rampant stating they had the highest DVD quality and of course those R4 cards were were also in abundance.

The only game I did play while away was Rhythm Paradise for the DS, a frustrating but fun and enjoyable game.

Gaming is all around us, even while on holiday.


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