This Christmas, like so many in the past…has too many games coming out!

Why do publishers release so many new titles in such a short space of time, year in year out?

The rush to get the hottest games of the year out before Xmas Day has already begun with FIFA, Pro Evo, Professor Layton and Fallout to name but a few hitting the shelves in the past couple of weeks.

It’s a shame…it really is… My wage can only be stretched so far on videogames. Let’s take next Friday (the 29th) for example. Fable IIIRock Band 3Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2. Expensive? But wait, it gets worse! 2 weeks after all those, you’ve got Call of Duty Black Ops and Kinect!


The biggest shame however though is missing out on the new IPs (Intellectual Property). It’s easy to just go out and buy Black Ops because you really like Modern Warfare 2 and all the CoDs previous…but have you given a thought for titles such as Enslaved? And what about Vanquish?

Let’s take the first of those 2 titles into consideration, starting with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. On Metacritic it’s currently scoring an average of 79% on PS3, while the 360 is hitting 81%. Now, they aren’t bad scores…not amazing scores…but not bad. Now I haven’t sold many copies in store compared to most of the other AAA titles but from customer feedback most have really enjoyed it and recommended me to play through it.
Enslaved has been published by Namco, and I can’t help but think that maybe they should have aimed for a release date in the summer, possibly late summer, before all the sequels arrival.

The same goes with Vanquish, which has been published by SEGA. I did sell more copies of it over the weekend then I expected, but then it did have a good reaction from gamers after the demo went online. Another key selling point for it is Shinji Mikami, the games designer. Who is he you may ask. Well, he created the Resident Evil franchise for starters, and had his mits in the creation of Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe.

I raise my hands and admit, I didn’t purchase ether of those. I instead went for Fable 3, one of the many sequels out this Christmas. You could say, as much as I stick up for new IPs, that I don’t take the risk and like many other games simply go for titles I’ve experienced before so that I know what to expect. I do plan on getting those 2 titles at some point, I just wished they hadn’t released them when so many other games are on the horizon.

Games are a very popular gift, and for aslong as they remain that way we’ll continue to see a jam-packed lineup of games before Santa arrives. Perhaps though, publishers should take note that Quarter 4 isn’t the time to release a brand new games franchise/idea to the market if they wish to see them being successful.

So, Blast Processors, what are you planning on buying/asking for this Christmas? What are you views on brand new game franchises coming out amongst all the sequels?


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