Be A Hero, or Rock Out? Do Both!

I’ve been spending the past couple of days traveling once more around the world of Albion.

Albion is the fictional world in which the Fable franchise is set. This world features a number of towns, all bustling with townsfolk going about their business. Or, at least in the case of the newest iteration that is Fable 3, purely eating and staying alive is the main order of business for said townsfolk.

Fable 3 introduces 2 children, who’s father, the late king of Albion (which was your old character in Fable 2) has passed away. His crown has been passed down to his oldest son who is becoming a bit of a power hungry tyrant. The world isn’t a happy place to be under his leadership.

Then you’ve got the 2nd son/daughter, you! The idea behind the game is to complete quests which will in turn make the citizens of Albion trust you, which in turn will make them stand with you for when you face off against your brother.

Now, if you’ve played Fable 2…you’re instantly going to feel at home with Fable 3. To say it plays and looks similar to its predecessor is an understatement. Slight changes have been made, most notable the lack of any menus. No longer do you flick through your inventory to find items, clothing and weapons. Instead, by pressing the Start button on your 360 controller you’ll be instantly taken to the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary acts as a hub for your adventure. In the centre of the room you have your map which you can use to travel directly to the town/area of your choice. Leading off from the main room are entrances to The Armoury, which displays all your available weapons (you just walk up to the one you want to equip it), the Dressing Room (similar to the Armoury, you choose an outfit off a mannequin and equip it), the Trophy Room (a room that shows off all your unlocked achievements and how much gold you’ve hoarded) and finally the Xbox Live room, where you can instantly join another person’s game and purchase extra Fable DLC.

In addition to those rooms are menus which allow you to edit your game settings and save your progress. The final thing to mention about the Sanctuary is the portal to the ‘Road to Rule’, another new addition to Fable.

Road to Rule acts as a path to the endgame. Each time you complete a quest or kill enemies you’ll be rewarded with Guild Seals. These seals can then be used to purchase upgrades and new abilities along the Road to Rule. Before you can purchase buildings or get married, you’ll need to first get the abilities by playing this mode.

The co-op in Fable 3 has greatly improved, but isn’t without its faults. You can now enter another player’s world and help them progress through their adventure, gathering items yourself that you can then take back to your world (but not completed quests or experience). I played online with a friend (and regular reader of Blast Process!) and we found the process a little, well…glitchy. Although my character was playing fine, albeit a little laggy at times, his character on the other hand kept gliding instead of walking…his legs just wouldn’t move. The loading times were noticeably longer too. The lag we experienced when we both got stuck into combat also made the co-op a little disappointing. The game has only just been released, so hopefully a patch will clear up the slight niggles with online play.

I’ve yet to finish Fable 3, so don’t take this as a comprehensive review. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played of it thus far, but then, I really liked the previous one. It really does feel like you’ve just carried on playing from the last one. I’ve not finished it yet, but from what I’ve read online it isn’t the longest of titles which continues a trend amongst new releases as of late.

The online is much better than Fable 2s, and adds to the experience. A little patch is required just to tidy it up a little, but the co-op still nonetheless adds to the games plus points.

It’s quite a simple verdict really. If you didn’t like Fable 2, you won’t like Fable 3. If however you enjoyed Fable 2, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this one. You may find after a while that you wish it wasn’t so similar, but hopefully that won’t put you off becoming the hero.

I guess I could sum it up with the following calculation…

Fable 2 + John Cleese + Better Co-Op – Menus = Fable 3

If you haven’t tried any of the Fable series yet, and enjoy action/adventure titles with slight RPG elements, then I recommend giving it a blast. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll revisit this mini-review to give you my final verdict.

Oh and for those wondering why I mentioned John Cleese, he provides a voice over for your character’s personal butler. And a sterling job he does too!


Fable 3 isn’t the only game I’ve been playing in the past 24hrs. No indeed. Rock Band 3 is here!

Now I didn’t get long to play it before typing up my early view on Fable, so I’ll keep this brief. Here comes another Dave Calculation!

Rock Band 2 + More Well-Chosen Songs + A Better Music Library + Keyboards/Stringed Guitars = Rock Band 3

It’s the tried and tested Rock Band formula, with a refreshed (read simpler) tour mode, more tracks (it’s got the Flaming Lips on its track listing!!) and the addition of keyboards (and soon to be released actual stringed guitars) makes this title a must buy for anyone who enjoys their music rhythm games. You can even import all your tracks from Rock Band, Rock Band 2, LEGO Rock Band and Greenday: Rock Band! And of course its compatible with all your DLC purchases.

And I’ve not mentioned the fact they are releasing guitars…with strings!

Dust off those plastic peripherals, and get rocking!!

Blast Processor Dave, signing off.


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