Guest Writer: Pizza Games

Whenever we start discussing videogames in work, in the pub, in the queue for rides at Alton Towers (ANOTHER set of stairs? Aw man!) I always bring up the idea of ‘Pizza Games’ this has nothing to do with the wonderful games that exist set around pizza but deals more with a concept…

Every so often I get a craving for pizza, usually on domino’s two for one Tuesdays and order something ridiculous involving the words, meat, feast, extra and bacon. After I’ve had it I decide pizza is the best food ever made and start eating it cold for breakfast, taking spare slices into work, telling all my friends who are eating a salad or a McDonald’s that they should be enjoying this wonderful Italian delicacy instead and even start to wonder if I could run my own pizza restaurant called “PJ’s Pizza” perhaps with that Dolmino puppet family to help me out on the weekends.

Then after about two weeks I realise that it’s a bit much, far too much cheese, too much chewing, why did anyone ever create such a ridiculous food? It’s basically a glorified piece of bread with toppings, like half a sandwich. I’ll go back to my pasta thank you very much, be gone from my life!

So how does this tie in with games? Well everyone has a game, sometimes two or three that are ‘pizza games’ usually from your childhood. Mine is Ristar for the Sega Megadrive, one day someone will say something that makes me think of that wonderful little star and I’ll go Ristar crazy. Downloading an emulator on my laptop to play it, fishing my Megadrive out of the attic to play it at the girlfriends house, downloading the soundtrack onto my Ipod to listen to on the way into work, finding all the drawings I did of characters for the game, dreaming up new levels, emailing Microsoft to ask them to re-release it in beautiful HD, perhaps with a co-op mode, and generally telling anyone who will listen that it was the last perfect video game ever made.

Then I’ll do one level too many and I’ll die and blame the game, and say the graphics aren’t what I’m used to, and think the idea of a star with stretchy arms is stupid, and the jumps are too hard, and that underwater levels music is really annoying, and I’ll go back to my Fable 3 thank you very much, be gone from my life!

And so the circle carries on, and the beauty of these games is that no two are ever the same, my friend when he’s in pizza game mode will tell you that Turtles in Time for the SNES is the best game ever and will list a fairly credible argument as to why. My dad would make the same argument for the original Driver on PlayStation, arguing that Need for Speed and Gran Turismo can’t touch the feeling of the first time he did a hill jump and escaped the police. Nothing you can say can shift someone from these opinions despite listing sales figures or sequel facts, just as you wont shift me in pizza mode by listing nutritional statistics or the extortionate prices. You’re lost in your own little world.

And there’s something beautiful about that.

Now where did I put that Domino’s menu…

This article was written by PJ Douglas on behalf of Blast Process.

Hope to see more of PJ in the future. And it’s always good to have more Dominos Pizza fans!


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