We’re Still Here!!!

Oh dear…it’s been rather…boring…here on Blast Process in recent times.

Myself, Tom and Mike can’t apologise enough to you guys for the lack of updates to this site, with the last post being nearly a month ago.

We all currently sell games for a living, and as you can all imagine this time of year is pretty hectic. 6 day weeks as well as other commitments has meant we’ve not been able to dedicate our time to writing new articles or film new content.

This year has had so many fantastic releases, including Gran Turismo 5, Call of Duty Black Ops and the chance to play GoldenEye again. Also not forgetting Sony and Microsoft joining the motion-gaming arena with Move and Kinect.

2011 is already looking rather tasty however…what with Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Gears of War 3 and Portal 2 to name but 3.

BlastProcess.com will be updated on a more regular basis in the new year. We’re going to try to catch up with bits we’ve missed over the past month or so, including a video or two based on the Kinect (similar to what we did with the Playstation Move).

We’ll also soon be a year old, and I personally can’t wait to look back at how this all started and ofcourse look forward to whats ahead.

Thanks to all those who read this site, and thanks to all for being patient. We’ll have new content for you soon.

Dave, and the rest of the BlastProcess.com team


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