Dave’s 2011 Gaming Picks!

It’s 2011! Wooooo!!

You’ve seen Tom’s pick of 2011’s upcoming titles (if you haven’t, see this post right here), so I though I’d share with you the games I want to be playing during the course of this new year.

And they are (in no particular order)….

A long awaited sequel, as the last MvC title came out way back in 2000. It’s current roster is looking very, very tasty with alot of characters from the previous titles returning to the melee alongside new faces. Some of these new faces will have people scratching their heads as to whom they are (M.O.D.O.K for instance), while others are alot more recognisable, such as Dante from the Devil May Cry games.

Although I’ve yet to get my hands on a build of it yet I’ve been assured its control scheme which is less like its predecessors and more like the Wii title Tatsunoko Vs Capcom works really well.

Release date is currently penned for February 18th, and its looking very likely that this date won’t change.


Remember ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on the Playstation 2? Both fantastic story/art driven games created by Team Ico. The newest title from the ICO team, The Last Guardian, is again a Playstation exclusive, and again looks beautiful.

You play as a small boy who be-friends a large ‘griffin-like’ creature. Little is known about it’s actually story, but I for one am confident this studio can deliver another awe-inspiring title.

It hasn’t got a specific release date yet, although it was announced at last years Tokyo Game Show that we’ll be playing it ‘internationally’ by the end of this year. Sadly out of all the titles in this list, I’m half expecting this ones UK date to slip back to 2012.


Rockstar Studio’s next big title looks superb to the eye. Featuring new facial animation technology, this title certainly looks the business.

It would be easy to write L.A. Noire off as GTA set in a different time frame. Although it does feature adult content and an open world city, you’ll find it’s a very different game. You play as a Cop for a change, an ex-solider from the war, who is moving up the tiers of policing. You’ll need to find evidence, question subjects (which is where the facial animation really comes into its own, helping you to spot if you smell a liar or not) and of course arrest criminals. It’ll be interesting to see how the combat/action scenes mix with the slower paced evidence gathering.

Websites point towards the 2nd quarter of 2011, however I’ll take a stab in the dark and say expect it around September/October time.


I admit, I didn’t play the first Mass Effect. Shoot me if you like. I have, however, played Mass Effect 2.

I haven’t quite finished it yet (I’m terrible at fully completing games) but after seeing the teaser trailer for the final part of the trilogy from this years VGA Awards in the U.S., I am totally…TOTALLY wanting to get it finished in plenty of time for the 3rd iteration.

Little is known about Mass Effect 3 apart from the content within its teaser. Reapers are destroying Earth, Commander Shepard needs to kick some alien ass, I need to finish the second one. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it below…now…

Expect Mass Effect 3 around November time.


The first Dissidia title felt like a reward for fans of the PSP. The little Sony handheld doesn’t get much love nowadays, although it has had a number of low profile hits such as the two God of War games, Kingdom Hearts and of course Dissida.

Dissidia, for most/all of Square’s Final Fantasy fans, was a dream come true. A (complicated at first) fighting game featuring some much loved heroes and villains from various Final Fantasy games. It’s sequel keeps hold of alot of the first games style and combat while adding more RPG elements into the mix. It also includes A.I. assists which allows you to team up with an A.I. controlled team mate giving you more fighting techniques. Did I mention new characters too? Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has already been confirmed while Tifa (FFVII) and Yuna (FFX) are also rumoured to be involved.

Fingers crossed it lands around its prospective date of the Summer.


Just like Tom, it was hard for me to pick out just 5 titles. Portal 2, Bulletstorm, Gears 3, Zelda: Skyward Sword and Uncharted 3 were all contenders as well.

Any comments on these choices? Comment below/email us if you have your own Top Five of 2011 and we’ll post a select few over the course of the next few weeks.


2 responses to “Dave’s 2011 Gaming Picks!

  1. Mine:The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimDragon Age 2Star Wars: The Old RepublicGuild Wars 2Nintendo 3DSOwain's:Warhammer 40K Space MarineWarhammer 40K Dark MilleniumFear 3Gears of War 3Uncharted 3

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