Watch out for the Cats!

After re-discovering a couple of lost consoles yesterday (see this post over on my blog site) I started to remember how much I used to love a certain game on the Dreamcast.

Phantasy Star Online?
Sonic Adventure?

Crazy Taxi?


All good guesses, but all wrong. The game I’m talking about is Chu Chu Rocket!

I gave the original a very quick blast yesterday and was tempted to re-set up the Dreamcast again tonight, but then I remembered that it was being released on iTunes.

Is it out yet? I wondered to myself….

As you can see (or already know), the answer most certainly is yes!

For those who have no idea what game I’m talking about, Chu Chu Rocket! was a puzzle game released on the SEGA Dreamcast. The idea is simple, by placing arrows on a small grid you had to guide the little ChuChus/Mice to rockets. Once you’d placed your arrows you could then release them. They would run in a straight line, turning clockwise if they hit a wall or obstacle, or turning in the direction of a well-placed arrow. As the game progresses you’ve also got holes and cats to avoid (also known as KapuKaupus). To complicate things a little further, each puzzle only allows you to place a limited number of arrows in a limited number of directions.

So how does it play… You start off by working your way through the tutorials. It’s control scheme is pretty simple. You choose a grid box (just like its Dreamcast fore bearer) by touching it then flicking your finger in the direction you want the arrow to point.

You them simply poke the Start icon and off the little mice go! Pressing the Start button again speeds the mice up so that you can get that particular puzzle done quicker (or fail quicker…).

If all is not going to plan and for example your mice are running around in a large circle you can tap Cancel and it’ll restart the puzzle.

As you progress through the game the difficulty ramps up, resulting in some serious head scratching moments later in the title.

Not only have you got standard puzzles to solve as included within the title are time challenges to have a go at. Another little feature I’ve spotted is the ability to listen to tracks off your iPod/iPad while your playing.

All and all, a very well crafted port of a much loved puzzle game originally created by Sonic Team. You can tell they’ve tried to stay as true to its original as possible and have successfully done so.

You can purchase Chu Chu Rocket! for a mere £1.79 from the App Store on iTunes right now! It could well be the best £1.79 you spend this January.


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