Dreamcast collection to lure in retro fans…maybe

Here’s some retro/current news, the 360 is getting it’s own Dreamcast collection! Before you go and get all excited, it’s only going to feature four games, which are as follows, Sonic Adventure; Crazy Taxi; SEGA Bass Fishing; and Space Channel 5: Part 2.

It’s a slightly disappointing show of games, nice to see Space Channel 5 Part 2 in there though, having never had a UK release, but Sega Bass Fishing!? I’m lost. As good as it is, it’ll only be any cop if it works with the Rapala Pro Fishing controller…

Ah well, for those who haven’t already experienced/owned these games, this could be the perfect opportunity to indulge in some Dreamcast goodness…but who hasn’t played Crazy Taxi?

The Dreamcast Collection looks set for release on February 25th and presently only seems to be heading to the Xbox 360. Just a shame this collection’s such a…


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