Specialist Retail Vs Supermarkets Vs Online: Fight!

This was one of my 300 word articles sent in to IGN for a competition they were holding. Sadly it didn’t help me to get through, but thought I’d post it here for you all to read anyway.


This year is looking like it’ll be a very tough year for Specialist Retailers.With rising development costs comes a greater demand for a higher RRP on new releases.

The recent rise in VAT has also pushed the price of gaming up. In times where independent stockists are closing down, and even major High Street names such as GAME struggle to keep their heads above water, Supermarkets are increasing the amount of floor space for gaming.

Why you ask? The pricing… Supermarket prices tend to be lower than other retailers, especially when compared to specialist shops. By making very little profit, if any at all, places such as ASDA are using games as a lure for people to come in and buy other items they may want such as Coke or Bread, which is where they make their money back.

As well as supermarkets, you have websites. Most undercut High Street prices by £2, £5, perhaps £10…even offering free delivery.

So what’s the point of specialist shops anymore? For me it’s the chance to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about. To provide help and advice, whether you’re buying a gift or something for yourself. Infact some games I’ve played have been recommended by customers I’ve served, titles that they’ve enjoyed such as last year’s underperforming title, Enslaved.

We all want to grab a bargain which sadly could spell the downfall for specialist gaming high street stores.

So where do your alliances lie?


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