Incoming New Console?

I’ve just been catching up with some of the rumours floating around online in regards to a new Nintendo home console.

Kotaku have complied a list of links to various news stories that involve rumours ranging from it’s possible technical specifications to a controller with a screen built into it.

Interestingly, all of these sites are quick to point out that they believe it’ll be more ‘powerful‘ than the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Considering the fact that both of those consoles have been on the market now for 4 or so years, this isn’t really a shock, although Nintendo tend to worry more about how they will move gaming onwards (the motion controls of the Wii for example) instead of just putting a lot of resources into making games look really pretty. Gameplay over Graphics…basically.

Regardless of how real all these rumours are, I think we will see something massive announced at E3. Looking at the release schedule for the Wii is slightly depressing, with Zelda: Skyward Sword being the only big first-party title on the horizon. If a new console isn’t announced, I’d at least hope that ether an ‘upgraded Wii‘ is coming out or that Nintendo have a large batch of awesome games on its way.

If it is a new console then I hope it gets the same/similar support from third-party companies as the 3DS seems to be getting, because as great as most Nintendo games are, the Wii really needed better games from other developers.

E3 is in June, so expect more news on the run-up to the L.A. event.

My cash is on a new home console being announced. I hope it doesn’t just end up being the Wii…but with HD graphics (unless Nintendo have been hiding some big name games!).


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