Konami announce HD remakes of favourite franchises

Forgone conclusion? Perhaps but Konami’s official announcement of HD remake compilations of the Metal Gear, Zone of the Enders and eventually Silent Hill games is surely something to get excited about.

The Metal Gear pack pack will include Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and the previously PSP exclusive MGS Peace Walker. All games will have been given a nice HD sprucing up, including the obvious graphical improvements alongside remastered audio and trophy/achievement support…that’s right it’s coming to the Xbox 360 too!

The Zone of the Enders pack will include both games in the series, previously only available on the PS2 and will be given the same loving remastering attention as the Metal Gear pack.

As mentioned before there are plans for a Silent Hill HD compilation but no real details on which games that will include as yet.

These re-releases mark a current resurgence in the Metal Gear brand, which has previously made it’s lonely home on the PSP in recent years. With the PSP on it’s way out, soon to be replaced by its bigger brother the NGP, Metal Gear seems to be moving to pastures new too. Although there’s no real news of a new Metal Gear game other than MGS Rising and the 3DS re-working of Metal Gear Solid 3 it’s at least nice to know that the franchise is making it’s presence felt once again.

Even more exciting is the news that Zone of the Enders is returning, who knows, if the HD compilation of the first two games sells well we may even see a third, if it isn’t already in development that is…


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