Achievement Unlocked. Our First Radio Show

Yes…it was a week late…and yes…it started an hour and a quarter later than planned, but we’ve finally completed our first show!

Myself and Tom chatted about the weeks gaming news, covered the games that came out on Friday and ofcourse spoke about Sonic’s birthday.

Not to mention cause a debate in G3’s IRC channel about Duke Nukem.

We hope that some of you guys and girls hung in there and got to listen to us. If you didn’t I hope you tune in next week when it’ll hopefully be third time lucky and we should start on time!

Thanks for your support!


3 responses to “Achievement Unlocked. Our First Radio Show

  1. It was a great first show I thought. Considering you were struggling with the technical issues to begin with, and it being your first show and all, I thought you both sounded really confident. It made for very easy listening, I will be tuning in for sure next week….especially if you get Sean Connery again!

  2. Hey guys, I hear it was a great show, unfortunately I missed most of it, just caught some transmissions drifting through Skype.Is it available to download anywhere as a podcast? If I could subscribe to it with google listen that would be awesome!

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