Xbox Live Indie Games Round-Up

New Blast Process feature! Ever fancied knowing what some of those Xbox Live Indie titles actually looked like without having to download a Trial version? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then we may just have the feature for you!

Each week we’ll pick our favourite new Indie games and display them here for your delectation…enjoy!

The games this week are:

Kung Fu Fight

Side scrolling non-stop Kung Fu action, avoid the obstacles and punch through the enemies on your quest to rescue a captured Princess …

Fluffy: Operation Overkill

Side-scrolling run and gun action. The forest animals have been infected by a virus, turning them all into vicious killing machines, out for your blood! Aided by your trusty containment suit and extensive armory, your job is to dispense with them. Think of it as a very bloody Metal Slug, only you’re a Squirrel with a machine gun…


Avatar Typing: Horde Invasion

It’s like ‘Typing of the Dead’ in short. Type the words on screen as fast as you can to take out the approaching undead horde!

All available now for an affordable price in the Xbox Live Marketplace Indie Games Section.


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