Select Indie Game Round-Up 10/07/11

Yo Processors! It’s that time again, ‘Select Indie Round-Up’ time! First of all, an apology, which sadly extends to other features on the site, namely ‘First Level’. The video camera I use for recording game footage has broken. Hopefully it can be fixed and won’t be out of action for too long, but this does mean I haven’t been able to capture any Indie game footage this week.

I have however, as usual, play tested 3 Indie games from the Indie Marketplace on Xbox Live. The games were ‘Rainbow Runner’, ‘Duckinator’ and best of the bunch ‘Avatar Ninja 2’. I’ll be talking about the games in more detail on this evening’s G3 Radio Show, from 7pm til 9pm.

To be honest, out of the 3 I played ‘Avatar Ninja 2’ was the stand-out game, therefore that game and only that game has qualified for the hallowed title of ‘Select Indie Game’ this week as I would hardly recommend the other 2…but more about that on the radio show later…

So here we have the trailer for ‘Avatar Ninja 2’, a game where your Avatar is the star and indulges in some hardcore Ninja training. This involves tapping the A button rhythmically as your avatar runs across the screen collecting power-ups and dodging obstacles. The real trick of this game is to keep your button tapping going as you have to press other buttons to dodge the different obstacles. It really is quite challenging and very addictive, check it out!


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