Select Indie Games Round-Up 17/07/11

This week’s indie picks, aren’t the newest titles available but they all come highly recommended. They all involve either shooting things or cutting them up…lovely. There’s plenty of zombies here too.

The Sugar Killerz

Our first ‘select’ game is essentially a side-scrolling shoot em’ up, only you play as characters, ‘The Sugar Killerz’ and it’s your job to take out the sweet enemies using an assortment of weaponry, including shotguns, machine guns and what ever else these critters have at their disposal.

You controller your character with the left analog stick and choose your firing direction with the right stick, while you can swap weapons with the face buttons. There’s some pretty frantic blasting action here that can enjoyed alone or with up to three friends.


This week’s pick of the bunch is ‘The TEMPURA of the DEAD’. Lovingly crafted in 8-bit glory, it’s a platform shoot em’ up where you can choose to play a fictional American President armed with a machine gun or a Samurai. Your goal is to take out the zombie hoard (as most games nowadays). Only there’s a twist, you score points for beheading your enemies and juggling their severed head with your weapon until it becomes Tempura (hence the name). This head juggling is the games best and most addictive feature. Coupled with the classic 8-bit visuals and music, The TEMPURA of the DEAD is one of the best indie games available at the moment.

Twin Blades

Twin Blades is another ‘zombie killing’ game, which looks fantastic but is hindered by being overly simplistic and lacking in longevity. It’s available at a discounted price at the moment for Xbox Live Gold members, so if it looks interesting to you, I’d recommend getting it cheap while it’s on offer, as it’s over-priced at 400 points, 200 is a much more tempting offer. If I had the choice though, I’d go for the superior ‘TEMPURA of the DEAD’ for my zombie killing thrills.


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