No Gamesmaster…at least we’re Ginx’ed

Remember Gamesmaster? No…not the magazine…you’ll find that on the shelves still…I’m talking about the TV series.

You know the one…odd locations, geeks beating high scores, Golden Joysticks, Dominic Diamond and of course Sir Patrick Moore as the Gamesmaster himself. Great times…

Since the disappearance of the television show, apart from a few shows/channels that tried and failed to bring videogames back to screen, its never truly been replaced. Videogames are still out-selling films and music, and yet they haven’t got any kind of foothold on TV. Although it’s incredibly unlikely we’ll ever see Gamesmaster return to our TVs, all is not lost when it comes to getting our gaming fix on the telly.

Enter Stage Left, Ginx TV.

Ginx have been around for a few years. They produce a variety of programs that are aired on a number of channels across the globe. Although they currently don’t have a fully fledged channel in the UK, you can catch them on BT Vision, or alternatively two of the shows can be seen on Challenge TV.

So what can you expect? Lots of gaming chatter, video reviews, news and interviews. ‘The Blurb’, one of the more recent shows coming out of the Ginx TV studio is presented by Julia Hardy (who ironically, writes for the Gamesmaster magazine amongst other things). Its a light-hearted, professional and humorous look at gaming news/bits and bobs.

No…it doesn’t have a program that’s similar to Gamesmaster’s format. Currently there are no shows which invite gamers to play head to head, but it’s still in relative terms early days for Ginx. The goal for them at the moment is to get a full UK channel broadcasting, whether or not that’s on Sky, Freeview or Virgin.

You can watch highlights, read the reviews, chat to the community and check out the program schedule all over at Ginx.TV. If you want to help get Ginx broadcasting in the UK, like them on Facebook and show your support!


One response to “No Gamesmaster…at least we’re Ginx’ed

  1. You know what you should do then?Get a section on here dedicated to people playing each other in a Gamesmaster stylee!People could volunteer to take on strangers or settle grudges either in person or on Xbox Live/PSN!

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