Select Indie Game Round-Up 07/08/11 Ninja Special!

Hey there processors! Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘Select Indie Game Round-up’. First off I’d like to apoligise for the absence of the feature last week, I was crazy busy with not enough time to play any sort of games let alone write about them. Indie games is back this week though with a Ninjatasticle line up for you!

That’s right, this week we take a look at some of the best Indie games to feature Ninjas!

Ninja Bros. – 80 MSP

First up we have ‘Ninja Bros.’, a clever platform puzzle game that requires the player to master that most difficult of skills, multi-tasking!

The objective of the game is get all your ninjas to their own individual goals, each ninja is represented by a colour that corresponds to the colours of the four ‘action’ buttons on the Xbox 360 controller. What you need to do in order to make each individual coloured ninja jump is to press the corresponding colour on the pad. Although things are complicated slightly by the fact that the ninjas all move together when you push the control stick in a certain direction.

It’s an enjoyable concept, not to mention difficult but after a short while you’ll grasp the unique mechanics and begin to see how clever the game really is.

The package is topped off by some 8-bit syle visuals which suit the game down to a tee. Check it out, it’s great fun and a steal at only 80 Microsoft Points!

Ninja 360 – 80 MSP

Next up we have another fiendish Ninja platform puzzle game, ‘Ninja 360’. The goal of the game is navigate your way around the levels, collecting all the coins contained in a level in as fast as a time possible. It’s a simple concept but cleverly executed.

Your ninja can move 360 degrees around an object without falling off and can negotiate walls using a wall jump mechanic. You’ll need to jump between and run around hovering platforms to collect all the coins, in in some instances take a leap of faith into the unknown to grab those last remaining few coins. To aid you from falling to your doom (the outsides of the levels are lined with spikes that kill you instantly), you can make use of your ninja parachute and slowly hover collecting coins as you descend.

Again like Ninja Bros. it’s a great concept that’s enjoyable and executed well, the real strength of this game is in it’s addictiveness. The levels can be completed in relitively short times, in fact it’s necessary to complete a level in as fast a time as possible in order to progress. Shaving milliseconds off your time becomes very addictive and gives the game that ‘one more try’ quality.

Ninja 360 is defiantly worth checking out and is again another bargain at only 80 Microsoft points.

Parasitus: Ninja Zero –
240 MSP

Lastly this week we have ‘Parasitus: Ninja Zero’, an all-out action game with a retro flavour.

On first impressions the game looks like the classic Castlevania titles but you’ll soon discover that gameplay-wise this has a lot more in common with the likes of Ninja Gaiden.

Your goal is the plow through the game’s undead and demon enemies with the aid of your trusty sword, in fact you feel more like a character out of Highlander than a Ninja. The enemies come thick and fast but you’re more than well equipped with a variety of combos and acrobatic special moves. It’s pretty simplistic stuff but very fast paced and enjoyable, there’s some platforming to be done along the way but it’s mostly slashing though demons, which is immensely satisfying in itself.

If I had any gripes with the game. the enemies come at you far too fast and there seems to be little pattern in their actions, making the game feel messy at times. Your character can also get stuck in awkward positions and it can very difficult to escape when you get stuck on an obstacle, like some craftily concealed spikes (the visuals can be very dark at times).

What I really liked about the game though was it’s enjoyable fast paced combat and very nicely done sprite based graphics, the game has a real old-school sci-fi/fantasy atmosphere that really makes you feel like your playing a game from the glory years of classic platform hack and slash/ shoot em’ up style games. Here’s a trailer:

Be sure to check back next Sunday for more Indie Game delights, sayonara for now!


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