FALLOUT (from my brain!): Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC review

I decided, with having 2 weeks off work that this would be the best time to get on with Dragon Age 2 as I got it on release day and haven’t touched it since!

I got the Bioware Signature Edition which came with The Exiled Prince DLC so a lot of people who have played the game may well have encountered that already but when I got on with it, I noticed there was also a new DLC pack called Legacy, so I got some points and purchased it.
It is a strange addition to the game, all being told.
If you have played the game already, you will know that the entire thing is told as a kind of story by one of the team members, Varric.
If you haven’t played the game, I just told you about it so try and keep up!

The Legacy mission plays out as a kind of side-story to the main story so does not fit in with any distinct narrative.
Indeed, as soon as I installed it and got to the house you use as a base for the first part of the game, the mission was available to play, though I would not recommend doing so until you are at least level 10 or 11 as it does get quite difficult in places and you need good weapons and good armour!
The actual mission structure itself is very much a dungeon crawl, heading down 4 floors of a tower, fighting a mini-boss on each floor to progress to the next.
It may seem like a bit of a slog, but it actually made a nice change to be doing something a bit different from the main quest, rather than fighting the same enemies in the same interiors.
As I noticed, every cave system, small house and large outdoor area have the same maps, just some have different areas blocked off, so to have 4 different maps seemed somewhat of a luxury!
I am not sure if I suffered a glitch when I played or if I did something wrong though.
There is supposedly a secret boss battle hidden somewhere quite early on, that is activated by collecting a “warm orb” partway through the first interior section.
I checked online and went to the place where it said it was supposed to happen but nothing did, so I am not sure about it really.
Once you finish it the choice to go back and do it again is taken away so I guess unless I start the whole game again, (and after months of waiting and 12 hours into the game, THAT is not an option) I will just have to live in ignorance of what it was!

The whole thing lasted around 3 hours which was about reasonable, and compared to some of the more recent Mass Effect DLC, seemed positively generous!!
I would recommend this for anyone wanting to get the whole backstory to Hawke and you do get a pretty cool weapon and set of armour for doing so, though I think because I missed the battle I missed out on the helmet!!
Overall, I will give this 6.5 trees out of 10 on the Giraffe Game Grader!
Version reviewed was on Xbox 360
Published by Bioware, 2011
Cost: 800 Microsoft Points
Paid for by myself!

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