Top 10 Games to Play When You’re Angry

A bad day at work, friends being idiots, partner nagging, many things can grind one’s gears. When the red mist descends, these are the games that we suggest to play to release the anger or just to chillax.

This was discussed on the Blast Process Radio Show on, airing between 7 and 9pm on Sundays and downloadable via podcast.

Burnout Takedown

When EA bought Criterion it gave them the financial clout to turn the already great Burnout games into a beautiful cacophony of carnage (pun intended). Actively encouraging you to plough in to competitors and grind them in to a pulp, it was seemingly created to take out rage. 


Any of the Grand Theft Auto’s will do but for its improved graphical prowess GTA4 takes it. For the ideal rage release enter the all weapons cheat and go on a rampage around the whole city. On foot, in vehicle, you’re a destruction machine.


On the surface, an odd choice but there’s a strange satisfaction in the mass destruction of a whole gaggle of Pikmin. Once you’ve taken out your anger on the unsuspecting Pikmin you’re left with a tranquil and wonderfully sedate game.

Final Fantasy

Although for many the constant grinding raises ones ire, there is something oddly therapeutic about the whole process. Grinding is an ongoing repetitive process keeping the fingers busy and the mind free to sort through your problems.

Rock Band

There are 2 methods of stress relief when it comes to Rock Band. You can get up, stick Metallica on and rock the pain away or you can sit down and strum some mellow tunes, either way, Rock Band is musical melatonin.


Criterion are the undisputed kings of angry games. Burnout was never about the racing; it was about the destruction and chaos, so when Criterion announced a FPS it was a natural fit. Black is a criminally underrated game but came when arcade shooters were on the wane. A sequel would be very welcome.


Turning anger into art. It’s hard to call a game where chainsaws are passé and blood spills like its coming from a fire hose beautiful but it is, the stark black and white clashing beautifully with the blood red. The art world has its fair share of angry tortured souls so its quite fitting that Madworld never really fitted in on the Wii.

Unreal Tournament 2004

To release your anger you really need the sensory feedback. You need to see the crash, hear the explosion, and witness the devastation you’ve caused. When Unreal Tournament 2004 was launched with the rag-doll physics engine, sending opposition to the floor would result in body parts contorting over themselves with the momentum, a satisfying sight.

Serious Sam

To Serious Sam, tactics are 2 calorie breath mints. The game was about mowing through wave after wave of enemies, destroying everything in your path. We don’t know what spurred on Sam to be so trigger-happy but in moments of extreme anger, you get a faint idea.


Stop double-checking; I’ve definitely spelt that right. Inflamous is a 360 arcade game comprised of 50 levels dedicated to finding the most efficient way of setting your so-workers on fire. Ever thought about flame grilling your boss? This is the closest you’ll get without a jail sentence you sick, sick puppy.

As ever, we’ve probably missed stuff out so drop a comment with your stress-relieving games.

This was discussed on the Blast Process radio which airs at on Sundays 7-9pm and you can listen to the show as a podcast, downloadable via iTunes.


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