Uprising Select Inide Game Round-Up Part 2 03/09/11

The Indie Uprising continues! For those not up to speed, over the past couple of weeks a slew of Inide titles have been released over the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. These aren’t just any Indie titles either, these games have been voted as a cut above the rest!

This week we have two more games from this premier selection, the first being the intriguingly named ‘Chester’…

Chester – 240 MSP

Unlike what we first presumed on the Blast Process radio show a couple of weeks ago, ‘Chester’ is not a simulation of Cheshire’s picturesque city, famous for it’s Cathedral and Massive Roman Wall, it is instead a platformer, and a rather good one at that!

From the offset it’s immediatly apparent that it’s not set in Chester either, in fact Chester is the name of the game’s lead character and he’s from another world entirely, actually several different worlds, but we’ll come to that shortly…

As platformers go, Chester’s one of the good ones. Controls are tight and responsive and our lead character, not to mention the game’s other playable characters, have a variety of moves at their disposal. As well as a standard jump and projectile attack, you also have a double jump, wall slide, wall jump and also a special attack which can be leveled up as you progress through the game.

Special attacks vary from character to character, Chester himself has a very handy ‘Time Slow’ ability, which you guessed it, slows down time. While the other playable character I tried, had explosive projectiles as his specialty weapon of choice.

So Chester’s an enjoyable platformer with great controls and plenty of moves on offer to navigate the game’s surreal worlds, and it’s in the design of those worlds that you have one of Chester’s major talking points. Imagine a school kid’s skecthbook come to life and you have an idea of what to expect in at least one of the game’s visual stylings, as this game has many. Just tapping the Xbox pad’s L and R bumpers allows you to select a different visual ‘theme’ for the level you are playing and what’s especially cool about this function is you can switch themes at any time during game play.

The world and design of Chester’s characters are especially off the wall and more often than not suitably freaky looking too, all this visual flair is backed up with some top platforming action, that makes ‘Chester’, well worth downloading.

Speedrunner HD – 240 MSP

Speedrunner is another fantastic addition to the ‘Uprising’ line up. You take the role of ‘Speedrunner’ himself as he attempts to dash to the rescue and deactiviate the Mad Bomber’s explosive devices before the timer hits zero.

The game has a bold and pleasing 2-D graphical style that reminds me of the Pixar film ‘The Incredibles’ if only it was made in two dimensions.

The basic gameplay involves running from the left to right side of the screen to get to the ticking time bomb. Of course there’s plenty of obstacles to avoid along the way and ‘Speedrunner’ comes fully equipped to deal with them. As well as being especially speedy he also has a pretty powerful jump move at his disposal and a slide move to whiz under obstacles. From the second level onwards you also get a grappling hook, which is great fun to use and reminds me of the classic 2-D Bionic Commando game, it also comes in handy as you use it to swing from building to building in your race to the finish.

From what I played, it’s hard to fault ‘Speedrunner’, it’s got a great game-play mechanic, implemented well, add to that the striking visual design and some great Boss chase sections and you have a very tempting, not to mention challenging package.

So there we have it, this Summer’s Indie Uprising is just about over, it’s brought some great games with it and I wish had chance to play them all, but I hope what we have covered here on the ‘Select Indie Round-Up’ has at least wet your appetite as to what’s on offer and let’s hope Microsoft do this again next year!

For now though if you want to find out more about the regular Indie releases, keep checking back with us every Sunday (special exception for today) to see what’s on offer and we’ll also ‘spotlight’ some old Indie classics too, just because we’re nice like that.

We won’t be here next Sunday though as I’m off to Bestival on the Isle of Wight this week to see the Cure!

Happy Indie gaming and see you again in a couple of weeks!


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