What are you buying?

Here at Blast Process we buy alot of things old and new. Want to know what we buy? Well this is the section for you!

It’s not all about us though, we’d love to hear what you’ve brought recently as well. I’ll start the ball rolling as they say… Here’s two items I picked up the other day.

Resident Evil 4 Limited Edition Gamecube

A silver gamecube that features the Resident Evil logo on the top of the console and on the controller it self, can be quite hard to find these days. It’s a neat edition to anyones collection, I’ve been after one for a while now so I’m glad I finally have one.

Dead Island Special Edition

Keeping with the undead theme I went ahead of bought this weeks new release Dead Island on the xbox 360.

Lot’s of zombie games are on the market these days, either in retail or downloaded but after playing it for a few hours the game does separate it self from others.

You’re stuck on a zombie infested island and have the ability to free roam where ever you want, you have the main plot but you can take part in side missions that you’ll come across quite often, you’re character levels up with skill points that you choose how to use.

Weapons are a big part of the game so while taking in the sites and running away or too zombies you’ll need to search suit cases and dead body’s for money, while looking out for different tools that you use to create new zombie bashing weapons with.

The Graphics are very nice and the gameplay feels fresh, you play the game how you see fit, enjoying the leveling up system, the action is very intense at times. This is no paradise holiday.


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