How do you like to dance?

Let’s look at some dancing games for the Kinect. Dance Central was the first game of its type to be released on the Microsoft Kinect camera and the second outing for Dance Central will be in our living rooms come Christmas. Known to be the best dancing game and overall a must have buy for the Kinect, what about those other bust a move games that are gathering dust within retail stores?

Dance Dance Evolution

Dance Dance Evolution could of been a big contender, its packing all the right things, good graphics and presentation with a mixture of classic DDR songs and dance tunes. DDE even chooses to show your self dancing on screen so you could see exactly how you looked while dancing, a neat idea but why did this come become such a rarity or un-heard of game?

Much like other Dance Dance Revolution games you either play DDR or you dont. DDE keeps away from the pop like sound tracks and keep to the hardcore dancing songs that DDR players have come to love other the years, so this can be off putting for some new players and because alot of the songs are similiar, the song choices may not take your fancy.

Another change is how you play the game, instead of seeing an on screen instruction on what dance move to pull off or when you’ll change your next stance, konami has gone for a more fluid, yet at first looks a free for all dancing approach. No on-screen commands are given you basically follow the dancers on screen and while copying their exact moves you’ll be hitting markers and hitting poses to gain points, you will only pass the song if you follow the routine down to a tee, so practice is needed and you’ll definitely be doing alot of that. The game itself is alot more enjoyable to watch, especially if the person dancing knows what they are doing because they are dancing from the start to the end. Given time you’ll understand what the game is trying to offer, however due to the very steep learning curve this game isn’t for everyone but if the time is put in to perfect the routines then the outcome is worthwhile.

Let’s Dance: with Mel B

Let’s Dance by Mel B is my latest Kinect purchase, was it worth it? Should celebrities be included within a game? The game try’s very hard but fails to live up to what the goal should be, a fun game to play.

The game offers up to 8 players to join in the fun with team or dance battles are among that list of game modes. Menus are clean and easy to use, once in-game the fun doesn’t begin. Although I do tend to win at this game alot more then Dance Central or Dance Dance Evolution, I think that says something.

It’s a mixture of the above two games, you see your self dancing and the moves will scroll at the top of the screen but once the moves comes to the center you’ll be doing the same move until the bar fills up and the game moves onto the next command. In concept its good because you have the best of both games into one but in practice the songs don’t match your dance moves and neither do the moves to the beat of the songs.

Mel’s appearance in the game is a some what in your face, by telling you how well you did or didn’t do, I would be happier with a score menu system then someone staring down at you.

Come Christmas the dance off, will for this year, begin again. Dance Central 2, Boom Boom Dance and Just Dance 3 will be the latest dancing games to hit the kinect. Ubisoft’s Just Dance will be the first time it’s come to the Kinect camera, has Dance Central got the edge? Or will the popular Just dance take the crown this Christmas.


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