Dark Souls Day 1

So I’m about to play Dark Souls on the Xbox 360, the sequel to Demon Souls; a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Now I’ve heard some things about these games already, but the first quote that comes to mind is “you will die a lot” and I’m here thinking I probably will, at the end of the day the action RPG genre is not my home court but I’ll sure give it a shot.

The cinematic intro kicks in, explaining how it all began. The world started with fire then came the dark, followed by cold… etc; ok I’m not one for intros or following most story lines so I started the game promptly.

I face a brick wall as I awake within the game, and find out I’m inside a prison cell so the challenge begins. At least I can only go through the door right? But it’s locked… then a strange person drops a key down from the roof of the cell and through the door I went, but who is the person helping me, after all I’m in jail for a reason.

Wondering around the prison reading messages left on the floor the game started to teach me the controls and quickly after learning the command to “dodge” I’m faced with a HUGE bolder hurtling down at me, did I dodge, hell no, I lost half my heath within the first 5 minutes of the game.

After taking a moment to gather my thoughts I carried on, killing the odd skeleton along the way. Oh and this one skeleton chased me for a good while, these things don’t give up! I later found a bigger sword to slay this boney enemy. I decided to rest at the local bonfire to recharge my health but soon noticed all the enemies had respawned by then, great.

I killed another horde of skeletons and wondering around for a short while I come face to face with a huge boss, and well I’m not coming to kill it, let’s be reasonable so I ran but I died, YOU DIED then fills my screen.


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