Dark Souls Day 2: Death Continues

You can catch up on my first day of Dark Souls, just here.

Day 2

I’m back in the world of Dark Souls…By being killed by a huge dragon, this game has already took one life from me, although my weapons and armour are still intact so I’m not sure what the effects are from being killed just yet.

I’ve learnt a new move, attacking while falling from a great height. So yeah, I did just that, dropped down, with sword in hand and stabbed this huge dragon (asylum demon) in the back, it swung it’s tale around and took half my health away, so guess what I did? I ran around the area, dodging and weaving in and out of the pillars. Like with most bosses, hitting the demon in the back seemed to do the trick, so I quickly learned how to kill my enemy.

Wohooo! I slayed my first boss, granting me the Big Pilgrim’s Key! Through the gate I went, holding my shield high as I’m unsure what’s coming up next. A cut scene kicks in, which involves a crow picking me up and taking me to the next level, ‘Fire link Shrine’.

Looking around my new environment, it seems to be a more open place, giving me plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. Before moving on, a resting soldier lies on the floor, he mentions ringing bells in the north and south of the area… I move onto what I think is the correct path, how wrong was I…

Lot’s of skeletons roam the lands as I go fourth, but for some reason the skeletons aren’t interested in me this time around, so killing these to gain what seems like experience was a easy task for once. I’ve come face to face with a bridge passing over a dark and murky swamp like river. I start to pass the bridge taking slow steps as I keep my eye on whats coming ahead, and yes my shield is still raised up.

I came to the end of the creaky bridge but only to be faced with a horde of spirits, these ghost skeletons were no easy foe. In fact I could not even harm them, due to them being dead… I only worked this out after dieing another 4 times.


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