FALLOUT (from my brain!): An alternative "Unboxing Video" (that isn’t a video!!)

Two posts in one day?! I must be spoiling you!!
Though I got a nice package from the postman (oo-er!!) so I thought I would share this with you!!
I know Mike, and occasionally Dave, do the official unboxing videos and I’m sure they may well still do one for this, but I present to you an alternative, irreverant “Unboxing Video” that isn’t actually a video!!

Look at it there!!
A white box!!
But what is in that white box, all boxy and white?!
Shall we take a look?

The game I have been waiting years for is finally here!!
And look!!!
It’s a Collector’s Edition!!! Who would have thought?!!!

That’s the side and back of the box!
It tells you what is in the box and a bit about the game.
Who cares?!!
Let’s get this flipping thing open shall we?!

I took the plastic case off and the whole thing fell open to reveal… THAT!!!
Look at the quality of that statue!!
That is some high quality carving they have forced out of their child-labour camps in Vietnam!!
That is definitely going on my shelf of stuff I put on my shelf and never really do anything with!!
But wait… there’s more!!

Oooooooooh, I do love a good secret drawer!!
And what is in this secret drawer?
A DVD of Batman: Gotham Knight!!
I would normally be very pleased by this little addition had I not bought it on Blu-ray a few months back!
But hey, it’s Blu-ray, not DVD, so the joke is on you and your inferior video format Xbox!!
Can there really be any more than this?
I haven’t actually found the game yet so I hope there is all being told!!

In the upright bit at the back, I found a veritable treasure trove of paper, download codes and a book but no game yet!!
There is the Catwoman mission code (of which I got 2, so if they both work, could be quite valuable once the second-hand market kicks in!!), the Penguin Challenge Map, the manual, a code for some kind of hints and tips and a quite amusing safety warning for “Sharp Points” on the statue!!
Where’s the game?!

Aaaaah, there it is!
In the art book!!
Though now I have to have a BOOK on my game shelf!!
They got me once with their fake wooden fold-out box with the last game, don’t Rocksteady own DVD cases?!!

Anyway, that’s it!!
I think I’ve spent enough time doing this that I could have spent playing so I’m going to do the sensible thing and go be THE GODDAMN BATMAN!!!


3 responses to “FALLOUT (from my brain!): An alternative "Unboxing Video" (that isn’t a video!!)

  1. I'll leave you to do the proper one next time ;)I got a bit excited by it all!I would have made a video but I hate being on film and I'm my own worst critic!Writing them is fine, so if you want any doing let me know 🙂

  2. I let Dave on camera sometimes so it's ok :)With it being online only I didnt bother getting this one, so good job you grappled in on the action and delivered this unboxing 🙂

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