A look back Halloween style

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from everyone at Blast Process!

We would normally be posting our Halloween video round about now, but due to a lot of things going on behind the scenes, the video will be done at a later date.

Fear not! I’m going to take a look back at some of our Halloween inspired videos…

This is one video that will always be remembered, our very first Blast Process video. Myself and Tom came up with a brief plan but like most of our videos we took what we could find, rain coat, dust mask and a bike helmet then just went with it. We were amazed with the out come and so Mike’s Unboxing Corner was born.

Castlevania, Ghostbusters and Ghouls n Ghosts are all great additions to our First Level Feature.

Not so much gaming related but you do get to see my self and Ashliegh looking pretty scared on the SAW ride at Thorpe Park.

Here we have our Mortal Kombat DLC video, all being big fans of Freddy we just couldn’t say no to doing this video.

Last year’s Halloween special, again lots of fun making this video.

The reason EPIC Features was made, Night Trap! Wow, what a game. This video ended up in a two part feature and has to be seen to be believed… trust me.

Part one is Dave’s review on the game, while Part 2 is where the fun beings…

We all hope you are enjoying our videos and content and hope you will continue to do so in the future, as we all love creating and building this site up.

If you’ve got any feed back or suggestions then you can email myself: mike@blastprocess.com

Happy gaming!


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