‘XBOX 720 will be a hybrid console’…a what now?

From my time working in the media industry I have discovered that everybody likes a good buzzword, and I’m no different. I’m partial to the odd ‘thinking outside the box’ session and feel a little tingle when I’m in a ‘win-win’ scenario. These terms I use sparingly, as the type of person who uses buzzwords repeatedly are usually insufferable assholes.

The biggest morons however are those that seek to create buzzwords, and hence we come to this article from INDUSTRYGAMERS that was then pointlessly rehashed on CVG.

The article muses upon what Microsoft’s next console could possibly be, a pointless task as nobody outside Microsoft actually has any clue at all. I would usually pay this no mind, and presume an X BOX fan boy intern had written it, but the headline caught my eye.

XBOX 720 Will Be A ‘Truly Hybrid Console,’ says Analyst

The first big tell that this is going to be a load of rubbish is that they decided to capitalize every first letter from the article copy but forgot ‘says’ and left in the comma after ‘console’, idiots.

The term ‘Hybrid Console’ is what got me quite excited however.

What is a hybrid console?

I read on but was eventually balls deep in face-palm ridiculous buzzword creation from Jesse Divnich.

“I’d expect the Xbox 720, or whatever they choose to call it, will act as a true hybrid console, supporting both physical and digital media with the long-term hopes that they can provide enough incentive and value to accelerate that transition.”

So a ‘hybrid console’ is one where you can buy physical media i.e. disks, OR download games. Jesse, we already have a name for that and its not ‘hybrid console’, its just ‘console’.

I was left disappointed by what a ‘hybrid console’ turned out to be. I assumed it would be a videogame console/something else hybrid. I’m going to make a rule that ‘hybrid console’ can only be used to describe something like this.

Think of the processing power.


7 responses to “‘XBOX 720 will be a hybrid console’…a what now?

  1. Ha ha, I'm pretty sure the amount of hot air the original 360's pumped out is partially responsible for global warming without the use of petrol.

  2. Goatcube! The handle at the back's a nice touch.Also the goat looks like a particularly strange goat even without the attached, levitating purple gaming controller.I miss my purple GC pad…

  3. As was that handle. At the time it was the smallest (not to mention oh-so-weensie-ainchoo-the-cootest-itto-fing-est) of the consoles. Handle? What for?"What?"You want to colour it purple, burden it with tiny discs and therefore by default an unadaptable media and jam a handle on the back, Mr. Nintendo? No, no, I'm not disagreeing, I'm just not sure it'll help sales is all."100% non-fictional(and expertly punctuated) conversation between head honcho Martin Nintendo and his chief advisor Teddy, high atop Nintower Plaza, sometime around 2000.I only think you get to make fun of Gamecube if you've owned one though, so if anyone tried to have a dig at my treasured (Wind Waker-bundled silver) little boxy pal I'd givvim the hairy eyeball and then probably leg it based on his height.Not that Gamecube Bullies actually exist.

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