Reggie: ‘Zelda is my favourite game’ – No surprise there then

Reggie Fils-Aime the president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America and general nice dude has said in this interview with games blog that his favourite game is Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past.

That’s not really much of a surprise considering a Zelda game is out this Christmas and is arguably Nintendo’s biggest IP. Reggie is just doing his job and doing it well.

Nintendo Official Magazine went and ran a news story dedicated to this piece of non-info.

I have no idea why the thought of a Nintendo staff member saying that a Zelda game is his favourite is particularly news worthy. What WOULD have been news worthy is if he’d said any of the following was his favourite game.


A look of pure confusion would have colored the interviewers face as Reggie said that Driver 3, a heavyweight in ‘most disappointing videogame ever’ lists was his favorite. Reggie then, having remained straight faced for the best part of 12 seconds to the severe discomfort of the poor guy interviewing him would then have burst out laughing. The video of which would have hit Youtube and gone viral, giving Reggie immunity from the criticism he’d have come under at Nintendo for making such a silly suggestion.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Bigging up one of the most popular PS3 exclusives would have been quite a statement from Reggie and probably wouldn’t have gone down so well with Nintendo. Praising the enemy is quite the faux pas but Reggie’s stock is high enough that he’d get away with it.

Thrill Kill

So incredibly violent and in such terrible taste it never got released. Considering games such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt got released, that’s quite a feat. Featuring amputees, psychopaths and mental patients in a fight to the death, Reggie selecting this would have been quite a shock, besmirching Nintendo’s family image in the process. However, the sheer geek credibility that Reggie would have garnered from selecting such an obscure title could possibly have worked in his favor and made Nintendo look like the brand for the hardcore gamers. Maybe.


Unspeakably disgusting and abhorrent, its designers booked themselves a room in the dingiest of hell’s dormitories for even considering a rape simulator, let alone actually release it. Reggie stating this was his favorite game would have been akin to Barack Obama being pictured watching Al Queda training videos and nodding agreeably whilst defecating on an eagle. I refuse to post a video such is how terrible this game is.

Would Reggie get booted out of Nintendo for saying Rapelay is his favorite game though?

You decide.


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