Let’s get ready to rumble!

“The Rock is without a doubt THE most electrifying man in sports entertainment today!”

THQ has just released the latest installment of the WWE Wrestling games, WWE ’12. Notice the name change? The days of asking for World Wrestling Entertainment: Smack Down vs RAW 2012… are now gone (for now) a more simpler WWE ’12 name has been introduced.

Myself and Tom werent ready for the superstars of today so we went back in time to 1994 and entered the ring of WWF RAW on the SEGA Mega Drive. These were the days where Wrestling games were fun to play and you didn’t need to study the latest issue of GamesMaster to become good at the game either.

I’ve always enjoyed Wrestling games, especially on the SNES, Mega Drive and PS1. So When Tom said let’s play WWF! I couldn’t say no.

We hit it straight up and went into a Royal Rumble match… lot’s of pulse pounding, heart stopping, clothes ripping moments later… Tom came out as the Royal Rumble King, he won as the 1..2..3.. Kid.

Do you have a favourite Wrestling game?


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