Christmas Videogame Gift Ideas

Its that time of the year where you’re expected to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones and other people that you begrudgingly put up with because you share some DNA.  
As such we’ve put together this little guide to some gifts you could get for that special geek in your life.

Not content with having the biggest handheld racer of Christmas, Mario has diversified in to K’NEX.  As you can imagine you get a whole bunch of track pieces and stick them together as you wish and then race Mario and his chums around.  I had a go and it was great fun until I threw a banana on the track destroying a section of the straight and breaking the Yoshi model, I only meant to slow Luigi down.
Although Angry Birds already has its own range of bed sheets, toilet seats, spatulas, maracas, tea bags, rucksacks, door handles, scented candles, shampoos, shower gels, tooth paste, socks, frocks, ocean liners, fine liners, bin liners and road side diners it felt it needed a board game too.  Its as you can imagine, one person sets up the placid pigs whilst the other flings those ever so angry birds at the construction.  There’s probably a points system that determines that somebody ultimately wins until it all ends in Angry Birds branded tears that can be dried with Angry Birds tissues.
Unless you’re buying for a nudist gamer a t-shirt is a pretty good option, and Insert Coin have some excellent offerings.  Knowing that gamers want to wear their hobby with pride but don’t want to be recognized as sad lonely freaks,  designs are frequently subtle in their gaming reference. My personal favorites are the Golden Saucer Amusement Park from Final Fantasy VII and the Origami Sheet t-shirt inspired by Heavy Rain, just in case you were wondering which ones to get us.

I’ve always wondered why gaming gets lots of grief for breeding lazy slobs who sit in front of the TV when reading a book is just as inactive a pass time.  So why don’t you really stick it to the man and be doubly lazy by reading a book about gaming?  This fantastic book plots the story of id software, makers of DOOM and Quake from their humble beginnings to the total shit storm that erupted from the release of DOOM and on to the fracturing of John Carmack and John Romero’s relationship.  Its so good you shouldn’t feel bad about reading it before giving it to somebody as a present.
Made famous by a certain video about coolness in relation to being a dick-head, the GameBoy necklace has come in for some criticism but personally I think they’re quite a fetching little accessory.  I probably wouldn’t go for an actual GameBoy sized necklace, probably opting for a scale model instead.  There’s a bunch of nice little GameBoy inspired designs on eBay, check them out.
At the more expensive end of Christmas gaming offerings is a piece of Deus Ex nanotechnology.  If Santa gifted me the ability to lift fridges and dumpsters or be able to jump from tall places and land without dying I’d be ridiculously ecstatic.  Instant best Christmas ever.  Apart from the year I got 20 packs of Pogs, that was amazing.

Y’know, just a thought.  Obvious choice really but a whole bunch of good ones have just come out so you may want to consider it. 


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