Wayne Rooney – Golfsman

In one of the stranger newses this month, Wayne “Football” Rooney leads a gaggle of downloadable sports types in an upcoming DLC pack for the also-upcoming Tiger Woods 13. In a bid to entice customers away from the typically varied pre-order bonuses from the likes of HMV, Game and their digital brethren, Blockbuster (“the video shop” to anyone over 45) has secured the rights to a pack of sporting legends with whom you can twat balls about to your heart’s very wont. Reports that Sugar Ray Leonard (who also features) will be able to box balls through the air, or that this is in any way a sensible or justifiable purchase, are unfounded.

One James Morton, top man of Blockbuster, had this to say on the matter: “We will continue to provide customers with unbeatable content which no-one else can offer and are delighted to be able to reveal [these bonkers non-golfer golfer packs for Tiger Woods 13.]”

Surely the reason “no-one else can offer such unbeatable content” is because it would occur to no-one else to cook up such a broth of silliness in the first place, Mr. Morton. Just a thought.


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