The Simpsons Arcade Game,”The Simpsons Arcade Game”, hits PSN and Live Arcade

Looks like Konami’s The Simpsons Arcade Game is coming to PSN and Live Arcade this week. It’ll be free ’til February 29th if you have PSN Plus, too, which is especially good if you like getting things but not paying for them. The rest of us will be £9.99 shorter if we fancy subjecting Marge to some yellow ultraviolence in a bid to recover little Maggie from, er, Smithers, who has stolen her because that’s how he rolls.

Smithers: kidnapper of SMALL CHILDREN (?)

As a fan of anything Groening pre-1996, this is a good thing, a great thing even. Last year’s X-Men Arcade re-release was a fun blast of crazily-translated (“Welcome…TO DIE!”) co-op action which, though it provided no challenge whatsoever, was a fun reminder of simpler times with lots of bright colours and flashing things and a Russian dude with metal skin and sounds and stuff.

I mean, they have the game advertised within the game itself!

In all seriousness, I look forward to taking swings at Burns’ goons. I’ll just imagine every one of them represents The Simpsons after its sixth season and it’ll be a kind of metaphysical catharsis for me. For everyone else, its gameplay alone ought to suffice for enjoyment. You remember how good The Simpsons was back in 1991? Remember Bart Gets An F? God, I could cry just thinking about it…


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