FALLOUT (from my brain!!): Hello? Is there anybody there?!

Hello there!!
Just a quick note to let you know that I haven’t disappeared or gone off anywhere exciting and forgotten about you all!!

Due to things going a bit awry in general over the last two months I’ve not really had time to get anything contributed, though it looks like you’ve been in good hands in my absence anyway!
I have still got my follow-up for the “Greatest Game Ever” feature I started, so look out for that, and I’ve got a few ideas for things brewing over the next few months, possibly involving Mass Effect 3, my new Star Wars Xbox 360 and Kapow! Comic Con in May.
So keep an eye out for those!
Or not, I’m not your mum, you don’t have to listen to me!!

In the meantime, I was bored and decided to try my hand at some Stephanie Meyer inspired romantic fiction.
It turns out it is actually pretty easy, so if you fancy having a read of that, hop on over to here: The Everyday Routine Saga: Part 1: Breakfast

See you around chums!!
(Where did I get ‘chums’ from?!)



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