Fallout (from my brain!): GAME over?! Who cares, where’s my MassEffect?!!

I was going to write something about GAME being unable to secure stock for ALL new EA games after SSX, but I don’t really know all the details so I can’t really comment on that.
One of the things I do know however is that I was hoping to get the N7 Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3, something which at the time of pre-ordering, was only available through the GAME website.

So, imagine my shock, horror, dismay, anger and other feelings when the announcement that they were not selling the game at all!!
Errrr………. I beg your pudding?!

Anyway, to cut a long (not really) story short (even shorter), I cancelled the order on GAME and ordered the Collector’s Edition on Zavvi.
Then GAME actually sent me an email anyway to say they were cancelling it and that they had a voucher for £5 which I imagine I probably won’t use before the cut-off date of the end of March cos I’ve pre-ordered loads of games elsewhere already so my finances are set to perfectly to the penny!!

A quick check on Zavvi and Play.com show that the Xbox versions have now sold out on both websites, though the PS3 N7 versions are still available as of writing this!
Talk about good timing in getting my order shifted over this morning!
If I had waited til tonight I’d have been screwed for it and as you may know by now, I do loves my collector’s editions so there would have been unbridled rage!!

So if you had an order with GAME for it, I’m afraid that has gone!
If you want it on Xbox and were after the Collector’s Edition, sorry, you’re gonna have to keep looking!
If you want the PS3 version or just the bog-standard version, get your order in before everyone from GAME’s mishap gets there before you!!

Though, there is a rumbling that they may stock all versions at “a later date”, so that may go some way to recovering from the unfortunate situation.

So then GAME, it will be a shame to see you go,I enjoyed working with you and hopefully you’ll be able to get past this slump.
I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more news on the situation and then Blast Process will be there with the big news as it happens!!


3 responses to “Fallout (from my brain!): GAME over?! Who cares, where’s my MassEffect?!!

  1. I was one of the many who bought the Metal Gear HD Collection limited ed. from Zavvi and it was delivered in a plastic mailbag with no protection at all. Mine was OK but there's horror stories out there of missing contents, torn boxes and *whimper* (dented…steelbooks). Here's hoping you don't suffer the same fate. As for Game?No comment!…

  2. Everything I've ordered from Zavvi, and that has been quite a bit recently, has come in bubble packed envelopes and when I got bigger things such as the Batman and Last Story limited editions they've come in boxes stuffed with plastic air-packets.It's all been good so far.No worries for me on that score!I could yet end up dismayed, but I think it'll be grand!

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