The Rambleast Resident Evil Rewind Roundup: Part I

Ah look. The gaming retail industry may be crumbling around us but at long last you can download Resident Evil 2 and 3 from PSN, and as ever if you’re a Plus subscriber you’ll get the pair fer nathin’ while the rest of us can expect to pay eight digital pounds (or digipounds) for the privilege – and it is a privilege – of running about Raccoon City blasting ghoulies and dealing with general divilment on the part of its cast of creepy characters. Nicholai Ginovaef, I’m looking right at you, you Russian jerk.

What you may be wondering is whether these PSOne Classics merit the £7.99 price point that only a select few PSN downloads sell for. While it’s certainly a shame that Sony has opted to charge us double the price of most of the rest of their offerings, it’s not like the games aren’t worth every penny, but I thought I’ll go all out and tell you how to get the most out of Capcom’s classics on PSN as the isn’t the first time they’ve surfaced on there, starting with Resident Evil: Director’s Cut.

Sometime last summer, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut popped up after a few years’ exclusivity on the American and Japanese stores, and I rejoiced not for myself but for those who’ve yet to play the best version of this classic game (which features the option of playing its original format or the rejigged ‘Arrange’ mode where zombies are faster, keys are in different locations, static camera angles are changed and Chris, um, well, he wears a different jacket). Thankfully, the soundtrack from the US version of Director’s Cut hasn’t made the crosspond leap, which is a good good good thing as if you have a trace of affection for this game, as the entire experience would have been sullied by the worst game music I’ve ever heard which literally could be made by anyone. Don’t believe me? I’ll share this with you if you promise not to resent me for it. Here’s the original score for the kitchen section of the mansion. Sure, it’s dated, but it’s tense, harsh and ultimately puts the shits right up me, so I can’t complain –

Eh? Riiiiiiiiiiight? Now, here’s the music that plays in the North American release which mercifully hasn’t been ported directly to the EU PSN :

I mean fuck. It’s not a joke, that’s REAL game music. There isn’t anyone alive who couldn’t do that just flailing about on a cheap 90s keyboard, and the whole game had its wonderful synth-bass-‘n’-drum-machine soundtrack replaced with that aural vomit. I played it to my good buddy and close personal confidant Chris Redfield.


It was to my great surprise that the UK version has retained its original score meaning this isn’t in fact a port from network to network but in fact a port of the PAL version it self. You may have heard otherwise, though – I trawled a ton forums when this came out over here to try and confirm which music is had and no-one knew, so I took the plunge myself and now we’re all enlightened. Yay enlightenment!

Tomorrow – Resident Evil 2.

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