FALLOUT (from my brain!): Don’t Stop Believing!! Oh…what? Wrong Journey?!

DISCLAIMER: Before you start reading this, just be aware that this isn’t actually a review per sé!!
Just more incoherent rambling mainly!!

Being a Playstation Plus member, apparently I have the privilege of getting Journey a week or so early!
From ThatGameCompany, I thought I would give it a go despite not knowing much about it.
£9.99 later, a stupidly long download time and 45 minutes of playing and I can pretty much say, unequivocally, that I still have no idea what the game is actually about!!

First thing I did notice though is that the game looks phenomenal (doo-doo-do-doo-doo*) and the artistic direction it has gone for is different to most other things you will see on PSN, Arcade or Virtual Console, and even on some disc-based games.
Wandering around a dreamy desert landscape, your character (I don’t even know if they have a name yet or if they are male or female!!) walks onwards in any direction from what I can tell.
If you see a landmark in the distance, walk towards it and you’ll eventually get to it.

There is an interesting dynamic in that it seems like you have to collect abilities for one time usage.
There are spots where calligraphy banners float around and when you collect them, it allows you to jump/sort of float, but only once.
When you finish jumping, you need to collect the paper again.
This may well lead to some interesting puzzling, but as of yet, I have only walked through a desert, found some odd grave things, got blown down a hill when I tried to get round the back of a building and walked through a stone corridor into another area.
It was late, it took at least an hour to download and another 30 minutes to install, I was sleepy.
I’ll maybe do something more in depth when I’ve played it a bit more and have an idea of plot, direction and a bit more about the protagonist and any auxilliary characters that may appear eventually!!
I hope some do, it’s a bit quiet to start with!

One gripe that revealed itself right at the very start is the motion controlled camera!
You tilt the pad to move the camera but its a really strange control scheme as tilting left turns the camera right and feels the opposite of what you would naturally expect of it.
You can use the R stick, so Invert the axis as you’d like and just use that.
Though you do have to keep the controller level and still during play, and there’s no way to turn it off!

Anyway, as it stands at this very moment, it is hard to recommend as I know nothing of it and don’t know what sort of game it is.
Saying that though, I can’t tell you to stay away from it because it could be the greatest game known to man and I haven’t seen that yet!
It reminded me a lot of Ico, where you are just thrown into a strange place with no real knowledge, and in a way, it seemed like a more colourful and open plan Limbo, only without the huge spider (yet!).

By all means, if you like those games and like the art direction it has taken and would like something quite serene (again, for what I’ve seen), grab a copy now if you’re a Plus member, or wait til it comes out on the regular PSN (or PEN, or whatever it’s called now!).

Just don’t blame me if you are disappointed!
I haven’t played it myself yet!!

* I went to see The Muppets at the cinema! I only used that word to describe the artwork so I could use that joke!! Though it is very nice anyway!


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