FALLOUT (from my brain!!): The Last Story (attempt 2!)

That Last Story game on Wii is a bit of alright isn’t it?!!

Well…. I’d like to tell you, but did you know that the first generation of Wiis (and I bought mine on release day!!) can’t play dual-layer discs?
And did you, indeed, know that The Last Story is a dual-layer disc?!!

I didn’t!!

So now, after 2 weeks wasted sending it back to Zavvi thinking it was knackered and a call to Nintendo Support, I now have to send the console unit and game to Nintendo to get it working!!

Oh well, at least I have Mass Effect 3 to tide me over!

Also, if anyone is collecting stars on the Nintendo website, I have now gained possession of another registration code.
First one to register it gets the stars!!

I added it as a photograph because I’m not 100% sure if they are the letter O or the number 0!!


2 responses to “FALLOUT (from my brain!!): The Last Story (attempt 2!)

  1. I dunno the ins and outs of it, all I know is that I have to send my Wii off in the post for Nintendo to "fix it" for me!It can only be a good thing though so I'll leave them to it!

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