HA! April Fools!

Amongst all the fake articles thanks to it being April 1st I decided to pick out the best three from what I’ve spotted throughout the day.

Lets get to it!

HA! #1

Flashbacks of cheesy 80s/90s kid’s T.V. programs thanks to IGN with their debut ‘Mass Effect’ cartoon trailer.  Loving Shepard’s voiceover and the theme song!

HA! #2

Nothing to do with gaming. But still brilliant. It involves kittens, and proves Kodak have a sense of humour. I took a screenshot of the homepage just incase by the time you look at kodak.com it’s reverted back to its more sensible roots.

HA! #3

My final pick (and no, it’s not the Zergotchi from Blizzard, as amusing as it was) is from Ubisoft.
Ever dreamt of playing Assassin’s Creed using the Kinect? No? Lets just imagine you did…

My favourite April Fools joke for some time. Check this funny out!


2 responses to “HA! April Fools!

  1. Well, the Mass Effect one was obviously a fake but awesome!I didn't see the kitten one but anyone who fell for that quite clearly needs to reassess their life or at least take an IQ test! ;)I saw the Assassin's Creed Kinect one being announced on Twitter and honestly, I didn't even flicker.I didn't rush to look at it and didn't necessarily believe it, but they have done Star Wars and Fable, would it be that unbelievable to think they may well eventually make a kinect version?That would make that particular April fool's either the worst or greatest!I'm not sure which!

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