ZX Spectrum – It’s your birthday!

Today marks the 30th birthday of a classic piece of gaming history, the ZX Spectrum!

Launched on the 23rd April 1982, replacing the Sinclair ZX81. It had it’s rivals at the time, most notably the Commodore 64, but it still went on to become a legendary machine that people still use today. In fact, Eurogamer.net have posted a video of someone using Twitter on one!

The Spectrum had some notable games, including Dizzy Egg, R-Type and Rainbow Islands. Although it didn’t initially come with a floppy disk drive a later model released in 1987 saw a Spectrum with one built in.

Even Google have jumped on today’s occasion, doubling up the Spectrum’s birthday with St Georges day (which is also today)

A large number of websites have dedicated articles today to this anniversary The BBC have gone as far as grouping two of the men who made this console possible together to create this interview. Richard Altwasse (engineer) and Rick Dickinson (designer) answer questions based on the launch of the machine, as well as how it was more so an educational tool primarily and not just a computer to play videogames on.

So, here’s to the continuing legacy of the ZX Spectrum, and hopefully in another 30 years time people shall still be celebrating it’s life. Happy Birthday!

The below video is courtesy of Retro-Sanctuary.com.


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