SEAL Team 12 Review

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SEAL Team 12 is a a twin-stick arcade shooter from Social Loner Studios. You play as a weapon hungry marine who’s mission it is to destroy GOD (Guardians Of Devastation) an evil organization who is currently advertising for new members; their motives are unsure so you set out to see what the deal is. GOD are also apparently giving away free pair of sock’s for new members, so maybe it’s not all bad?

What are GOD’s plans and where are they getting all these socks? 

You can play the game in single player mode or team up with a friend in co-op, a leader board is also included so you can track your results online. While these types of games are normally geared towards the co-op side of play due to the amount of enemies and bullets flying at you, and of course it’s more fun.

Playing the game on my own was very enjoyable, however I found that the teammates AI resulted in him aimlessly running around, however he was only there for a couple of missions so it didn’t take away from the game play. The game offers a variety of weapons and power ups to collect along the way but grenades will always be your best friend with this game. While the odd tank appears to help you out when things get tough, the levels are always changing and to help keep things fresh and while things may seem straight forward at first, the difficulty can sometimes increase on the next screen due to random weapon or power up drops from the enemy. Supply boxes are spread out evenly but they might not have what you want.

Just the right amount of enemies to keep you on your toes.
SEAL Team 12 is a beautiful looking game with great sound and just the right amount of humor to keep you hooked. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to wait to see how your team mate dies at the start of each mission, once you’ve played it you’ll know what I mean. SEAL Team 12 is a straight forward vertical scrolling shooter at heart but it certianly holds your attention, I couldn’t wait to see what was round the corner, oh and did I mention you encounter seals with guns?The team at Social Loner Studios have done a decent job on SEAL Team 12.

Priced at only 80 Microsoft Points this game is a seal steal and it’d be wrong not to give it a try, it’s out now in the indie section on Xbox live arcade so go and give it a try.

Blast Process gives this game a 5 out of 5 due to value for money and the fact that it kept me glued to my screen. SEAL Team 12, it’ll change the way you look at indie games.

Here’s the video review for SEAL Team 12!


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