Stickems Review / Promo

Everyone remembers when phone charms were cool. Dangling away on your phone. Doing nothing but annoy you. An odd trend, really.

While Mike and I were wandering around The Gadget Show Live a month or so back we came across a stand entitled Stickems.

What’s a Stickem? A Stickem is a two-sided adhesive cleaning sticker. One side sticks to your phone/handheld device while the other is used to wipe away finger marks/dust from your screens. Although you’d think the sticky side would leave marks after a period of time, the little Stickems do not.

Although it isn’t the thickest of cloths I was still impressed with how well the screens come up after a few seconds of wiping. It did occasionally leave some streak marks, but these very quickly could be wiped away. My Stickem stayed on my phone until only a few days ago (as I’d received a new case). Even though I’d un-peeled it several times off the back of my phone it still managed to stick back on. By the time I did come to remove it for the last time, it was starting to look quite dirty on both sides. It was still managing to clean my screen, but took the occasional extra wipe or so.

While it may not become a massive trend like phone charms used to be, at least this little thing is of use. It works great on Vita screens too…

The standard size Stickem that I’ve been using are priced at £2.99 each and can be purchased in a variety of different designs. You can also buy larger ones for tablets/netbooks and the like.

Check out the short ‘promo’ clip that we filmed for Stickems below!


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