Dragon’s Lair Review

If you’ve played a video games console in the last 28 years then Dragon’s Lair should ring a bell.

Dragon’s Lair was first released in arcades in 1983 and was one of the first Laser Disk based video games. The fact it’s appeared on more then 10 platforms over the years means you may of come across this game. Digital Leisure gained the rights to Dragon’s Lair back in 1997 and have since brought the game back to the home consoles once again in the form of an XBOX Live Arcade title.

You play as Dirk, a knight who’s set out to rescue a beautiful princess from the evil dragon, Singe. As you battle your way through Mordroc’s castle, you’ll come into contact with some very bizzare and wacky creatures that will try to stop you along the way as you battle through the story to save the princess.

The death scenes, you’ll see these often!

The game is a FMV (Full Motion Video) game, basically a interactive movie. If you’ve ever played Road Avenger or Night Trap then you’ll be familiar with this type of game. In Dragon’s Lair you play the game by following on-screen prompts, simply pressing up, down, left, right and attack at the right time. Pressing the correct action’s within the time allowed will help Dirk continue his adventure. As straight forward as it sounds the game will become quite hard and a little stressful along the way, at the end of the day that’s how these games work but the wait is always worth it.

Some of the tough levels will keep you on your toes!

This version of the game features stunning remasted video in 720p HD, Don Bluth’s animation is looking as beautiful as ever here. Dragon’s Lair is a fun classic but an even better one to watch. You do get the option to watch the short film instead of playing it, something that everyone should take some time out to enjoy. While it can be a short game to complete, it’s definitely a tough game to master with the addition of the 1983 retro mode, where the screen prompts don’t show the actions, only the hardcore will master this mode. The addition of Kinect support is a welcome change to the way you play the game and adds a few new actions that you’ll need to perform, along with the standard moves you’ll need to do.

Do you dare enter the lair of the dragon?

Blast Process gives Dragon’s Lair a 4/5

An enjoyable game and a fantastic transition to a current generation console, along with added Kinect support. Dragon’s Lair will be loved by fans, while kids will enjoy the short Kinect experience. Repeated scenes and short reply value are what set this back but this is after all a game based on the original, first released 28 years ago.
Dragon’s Lair XBOX Live Arcade – 800 Microsoft Points.

  • 720p HD Remastered Video
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Exclusive Avatar Items
  • Gamerpics
  • Achievements
  • Controller and Kinect Supported
  • Kinect Photo Share

Developed by Digital Leisure.


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