Whats out Friday?

What’s out tomorrow that’s worth buying? Well I say tomorrow, as some lucky stores depending on how you look at it have been selling this game for a few weeks now via import but tomorrow marks the UK release of Tales of Graces f.

Tales of Graces f will only be on the PS3, the home of RPG’s some will say.

The long running line of Tales games continue, while they might not be my cup of tea I’ve certainly seen my share of hours watching friends play these games.

Great graphics, engaging combat system and a story line to follow. Tales of graces f is defiantly one to pick up.

The game also adds 4-player support, if you don’t mind watching someone else doing all the legwork and you just enjoy the combat, that is.


2 responses to “Whats out Friday?

  1. It's on its way to me as I type this!!I'm not usually a big fan of JRPGs but the Tales series does tend to drag me in more than the others.I think it's the combat system.Looking forward to it.

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